1. Entries can be submitted by individual designers, design firms, brands & retailers for categories up to C-12.
  2. For categories C-13 to C -22 only designers (by retailers and brands in case of in-house design), service providers and manufacturers can send in entries.
  3. All entries must have been executed between 01st July 2020 to 31st January 2023
  4. Only projects executed in India are eligible for entry.
  5. Only original design concepts by design firms can be entered.
  6. Design adaptations of existing original design concepts will not be eligible.
  7. International design concepts adapted / localised in India for international brands entering India will not be eligible unless newly developed for the Indian market.
  8. All entries entered by contesting designers and manufacturers should be mandatorily accompanied by an NOC from the design owners (Brand / Retailer). CLICK HERE for NOC Format.
  9. Entries cannot be entered / repeated in more than one category partly or fully from C-01 to C-12.
  10. If the organizers have adequate proof of Plagiarism (copying from an original executed concept) the organizers have the right to disqualify the entry before and post awards.


  • There will be one Gold Trophy and two Merits awarded in each category.


  1. The entries will be judged online by a panel comprising of designers, architect, retailing and brand marketing professionals from India and overseas.
  2. There will two rounds of online judging based on points scored by each entry. The Jury's decision based on the scoring method will be final.
  3. Entries found not to be original will be disqualified and no refund of the entry fee will be done.


  1. For sample entry submission form for VMRD Awards 2023 CLICK HERE
  2. All entry forms should be fully completed before submission else will not be processed for judging.
  3. Please use separate entry forms for each individual project that is being entered.
  4. Entries without payment will not be processed.
  5. VM&RD Retail Design Award deadline is extended till 15th February 2023


  1. Images (Mandatory) : Max 15 photos including store layout. Do not mention the contesting company's name or logo on the photos attached to avoid being disqualified. Upload JPEG/PNG*(Size 800 x 600 pixel, 150-300 dpi, and size limit 15 MB in total).
  2. Video (Optional but preferable): Maximum file size: up to 2 minute’s length. Video file type extension should be mp4 (Limit 20 MB). Do not mention the contesting company's name or logo in the video attached to avoid being disqualified.
  3. Project Description: Maximum 500 words description. Do not mention the contesting company's name or logo anywhere in the content to avoid being disqualified.
  4. Project Highlights: Highlights to be mentioned in maximum 200 Words. Preferable in pointers. Do not mention the contesting company's name or logo anywhere in the content to avoid being disqualified.
  5. Select correct category form given list (22 categories)
  6. Complete contact information about Brand/ Retailer and design agency
  7. NOC from Design Owner/ Brand /Retailer


  1. The Entry Fee is Rs.7000/- + GST 18% Per Entry.
  2. Only online payment and transfer of payment will be accepted.
  3. Post payment it is mandatory to send a proof of payment to [email protected] with details of 'entrant and category (multiple entries clearly mentioned) in the subject'


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